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January 19, 2007


tom paine

Attempts to control the Internet seem misguided to me, since all it will end up doing is limiting free speech to those who live off the grid, such as hackers, who already do as they please. This is a little like making it a crime to eat pie because someone somewhere threw a pie at the president.

Helen Kelley

How can hackers' speech be limited if they live "off the grid" and "do as they please" anyway?

Hackers in the shadows aren't the audience I imagine public forum rules to be targeted towards either.

First of all, I'm saying that accountability would only be required in those specific places designated as public forums (not private spaces), for the purpose of encouraging thoughtful speech and expression and preventing harmful or even dangerous actions.
Furthermore public figures, especially government officials, would be less protected from claims of insult and injury than other members of the community--as they already are in real life.
Finally, while I think it's important for laws to evolve with the times, I also think human intent largely remains the same, which is why I hope you can distinguish between the significance of a pie in the face and the federalist papers, common sense, or a burning flag.
Not all speech is worthy of being protected speech.

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