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January 30, 2007


Andrea Manka

I find myself also wondering where the porn companies are in the litigation over what speech is allowed on the internet.

I think that they might stay out of it in part because more sympathetic plaintiffs are willing to take up arms for freedom of speech online.

I agree with Spencer that money is really the raison d'etre for the porn company and unless it sees a real, credible threat to their bottom line, they are not likely to get into expensive motivation.


Your assertion that the adult entertainment industry is not shouldering the burden in the fight against government intrusion and censorship is one of the most absurd propositions I've ever heard. You base this argument on the fact that "of the agrieved parties" "involved in all three of the major internet porn cases," "none of them are identifiably pornography companies." If you did your homework, you would find that the Free Speech Coalition is the trade association for the Adult Entertainment Industry. FSC membership includes producers of pornographic video, print and internet media as well as manufacturers, distributors and retailers of adult novelty products (toys). Members of the trade association pay anual dues that cover the cost of litigation, lobbying, education and other trade activities. (In addition to the membership dues, many members make sizeable donations, earmarked for litigation.)

As with all trade associations, the basic reasoning is that there is stregnth in numbers. No individual producer of pornography--not even Playboy or Hustler--can afford to pay the cost of defending our liberty against a constant barage of government atacks. So, they've done what reasonable people do, and they have formed an alliance that gives them both the power of the purse and the power of numbers, thus enabling them to wage these David & Goliath battles.

And, your argument considers only one aspect of the fight to protect civil liberties--litigation. However, litigation is a last resort. As with any issue, it is preferable to prevent a problem than to fix it once it has happened. Therefore, FSC employs lobbying firms in both Washington DC and Sacramento. In Washington, the Adult Industry is represented by the Rabin Group. Robert Rabin, former Assistant Attorney General under Janet Reno, has been working closely with the FSC Board of Directors to prevent government intrusion by shaping or preventing legislation.

Moreover, your reference to porn producers as "spineless" demonstrates you complete ignorance of this topic. You sit there typing any speech you choose into your computer while at least a dozen porn producers sit in federal prisons, denied the right to use e-mail or access the internet. You sit there, in the "privacy" of your own home while these porn producers endure warrantless searches of their homes and offices. Tell me, what have you done for the cause today?



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