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February 28, 2007


Cory Ondrejka

Of course, nobody forces a user to spend time in a "corporate" space, nor do there appear to be company town-style dynamics at work?

So, what is your group going to do to make the space corporate friendly?


There are some unstated questions at the end of your blog that cut to the heart of many of the things that we have been discussing throughout this course; even once it is decided whether the contracted company or Second Life is the final word on regulation, does the law have a right to regulate further? Does the government, through statutory implementation? Even if the courts are able to regulate, or the government, which court system and which government will be allowed to trump all others? The idea of establishing alternative worlds online is truly a fascinating topic, but one that also brings with it a host of other concerns. One thing that is certain, however, is that the merger of the real- and online-worlds is only going to continue, and this connection is going to create legal and societal questions, many of which have not even been imagined yet.

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