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March 20, 2008



The "change congress" plan, in my opinion, is way too simplistic and unrealistic.

In abstract domain "No money from lobbyists or PACs" seems ideal. In our social domain, it is not going to work the same way that asking for teenagers abstinence isn't. We have outrageously rich companies on one hand and, at most, wealthy members of congress on the other. We have companies regularly bulldozing their way ahead on one hand and congress that can forge the way on the other.

One has to think of a much better and more sophisticated solution to the unmitigated flow of money.

The goal of ending earmarks suffers from similar problems. The Government is a rich dude; districts and state are poor. The Government distributes its wealth (usually to the outrageously rich); districts and states compete for this handout (tax and printed money). It is actually an imperfect mechanism of wealth redistribution in the country.

There are solution to bridges to nowhere (Steves earmark), ending them period is even objectable. Reform them should be a better approach.

I'll stop here.

טויוטה אוריס

Getting politicians to agree not to take lobbyists money in the form and commit to public financing for elections.

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