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February 28, 2011


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The lack of transparency in community investing is hampering opportunities for innovation and greater effectiveness not to mention accountability. Given that many, highly diverse investors seeking to create social impact with their money need to go through Community Development Financial Institutions to invest, it would seem to be both urgent and manageable to introduce better performance metrics.
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It's go to identify the theoretical and practical obstacles to effective measurement, including those arising from the diversity of investor preferences.

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It is necessary to introduce transparency in the policy


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Although most of us are inclined to agree that there really is no single tool that will lead to adoption, we should at least be able to commit to trying out 1 possible avenue for a set period of time. We can't just go on trying all 4 possible avenues as suggested in the paper and hope for the best. Thank you for making this information available to us! It is a great resource for anyone interested in policy making.


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